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Law Enforcement & Public Safety

The challenges facing law enforcement and public safety organizations today are greater than at any other point in history.

From lone wolf actors to sophisticated transnational criminal networks; from cybercrimes to the public health crisis brought on by the opioid epidemic, law enforcement and public safety organizations face expansive and highly consequential challenges.

KACE understands the dynamic, multi-faceted mission of law enforcement and public safety agencies and works side-by-side with our agency partners to develop, implement, and refine programs aimed at addressing current and emerging threats to public safety and public health. From big data and cyber solutions that produce actionable intelligence and predictive analytics, to community outreach programs and public health campaigns that promote prevention, education, treatment and coalition building, our diverse capabilities deliver solutions in support of our agency partners’ missions.

KACE operates at the forefront of technological advancement and emerging strategies, enabling us to deliver dynamic mission support solutions that positively impact real-world outcomes today and ensure our law enforcement and public safety partners are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.