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Digital Intelligence & Forensic Solutions

KACE is a leading provider of comprehensive digital intelligence and forensics solutions that enable law enforcement, prosecutors, and their strategic partners to combat criminal activity conducted via digital means.

Forensic Investigations

Evidence found on computers and other digital media is often crucial for investigations and prosecution, which means the entire chain-of-custody process—from finding and extracting data, examining and interpreting its relevance, and management and storage for use in adjudication of criminal cases—must be effectively executed. KACE serves the computer forensics and digital evidence needs of law enforcement, prosecutors, and their strategic partners through accurate, reliable, verifiable, and repeatable beginning-to-end evidence handling protocols.

Program Management & Professional Staffing

KACE draws on our extensive expertise in program and subcontractor management to develop targeted solutions and trainings in the digital intelligence and forensics space. Whether it’s digital intelligence and forensic trainers, intelligence analysts, investigative researchers, or other highly skilled, niche requirements, we are experts in staffing both long- and short-term deployments and in maintaining a roster of highly skilled employees and trainers ready to execute our customers’ quick-turn needs.

Training & Certification Programs

KACE provides cybersecurity, mobile forensic and video forensic training, and intermediate and advanced training on industry-leading forensic products and tools. We offer expertise in curriculum development and delivery and allow customers to enhance their forensic knowledge in skills obtained via a certification program or by completing course material in non-certification courses. Our state-of-the-art digital intelligence training program can be delivered in a variety of formats—instructor-led, virtual, and online-on-demand—and is staffed by highly skilled, certified instructors with deep knowledge and expertise across technology products and techniques.

Strategic Partnerships

KACE strategically partners with leading technology organizations across the digital intelligence and forensics spectrum to enable best-in-class curriculum development and delivery and ensure trainers remain on pulse with the latest tools and trends in this ever-changing landscape.