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Program Management

Providing Analytic and Program Management Support Services

Elevating the Standards of Program Management

KACE’s team of program managers, subject matter experts, and technology specialists collaborate to integrate the best platforms or combination of platforms to deliver accurate insights and forecasts for every client. Our project-tailored solutions streamline processes, enforce compliance, and ensure accountability to positively impact operations and improve outcomes.​

​KACE subject matter experts leverage robust data collection and analytic solutions to collect key program metrics for quality assurance, compliance, and forecasting. Analytics are used to optimize operations and demonstrate value, and provide customers with detailed and meaningful analysis of their data.

Data Solutions

KACE’s data science experts support the company’s clients in unlocking the value of their data through collection, analysis, modeling, and reporting. KACE’s program management teams leverage data for optimizing operations, enhancing service delivery, and making data-driven decisions. ​

  • Advanced Analytics Solutions​
  • Data Analysis and Insights​
  • Data-driven Policy Development​
  • Data Governance and Quality Assurance ​
  • Data Visualization​
  • Predictive Analytics
Language Services

KACE tailors its professional language service offerings to facilitate effective communication in multilingual environments in support of government operations, law enforcement investigations, and intelligence operations.​

  • Compliance and Confidentiality​
  • Interpretation​
  • Language Quality Assurance​
  • Transcription and Captioning​
  • Translation and Localization
Digital Intelligence & Instructional Services

By leveraging instructional expertise, technology-enabled learning solutions, and industry best practices, KACE supports the government in enhancing its educational and training initiatives.​

  • Compliance Training and Regulatory Support​
  • Content Development​
  • Continuous Improvement​
  • Data Visualization and Reporting​
  • Digital Evidence Collection​
  • Digital Forensic Analysis​
  • Digital Intelligence Training and Consultation​
  • Evaluation and Assessment​
  • Instructional Design​
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Support​
  • Legal Support and Expert Testimony​
  • Technology and Infrastructure Support​
  • Training Delivery, Needs, and Analysis​
Mission Solutions

KACE delivers managed mission services that are tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of government agencies, supporting their mission success through technology, expertise, and a deep understanding of their operational requirements.​

  • Analytical Services​
  • Collaboration and Communication​
  • Continuous Monitoring and Support​
  • Customized Solution Design​
  • Forecast Planning and Modeling​
  • Innovation and Emerging Technologies ​
  • Integrated Technology Stack​
  • Mission-Centric Analytics​
  • Mission-Focused Expertise​
  • Program Management Services​
  • Scalability and Flexibility​
  • Secure and Compliant Operations​
  • Value-Based Partnerships

Leveraging the Best Solutions for the Biggest Challenges

KACE is actively partnering with innovative technology leaders to expand its program management service offerings and provide comprehensive solutions to its government partners. Embracing emerging technologies enables KACE to remain agile and assess every possible option to ensure mission success.

Our catalog of program management solutions includes: