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Actioning Big Data For Law Enforcement

The Challenge

KACE’s customer had accumulated over 6TB of critical law enforcement and open source data related to the national opioid epidemic, amassed over several years. Client analysts reviewed incoming data files and manually sorted them into folders. Over time, the raw data had grown to a staggering nearly 7 million unique files. Further complicating matters, the data was extremely disparate, making it difficult to store, search, link, deconflict, and share.

The agency needed a solution to rapidly ingest, sort, fuse, analyze and action their data.

The KACE Solution

KACE began by leveraging our knowledge of the customer—their mission, workflows, data sources and relevance, and how they utilize each ‘typeset’ of data to develop actionable intelligence—to facilitate a series of workshops with client representatives to thoroughly define and document current state and the desired future state solution.

Leveraging leading-edge technologies, KACE built a secure, scalable, cloud-ready, web-based platform to manage, classify, retrieve, and query raw data and intelligence.  The KACE solution included a custom migration engine to move existing data files from the unstructured legacy file system and crucial functionality to automate the sorting, cleansing, indexing, recall and fusion of data.

KACE produced user and training manuals and conducted live training sessions for customer personnel on the system, processes, and best practices to ensure standardized data management going forward.

The Impact

In our customer’s words:  “The system’s ability to ingest, fuse, organize, and analyze data is critical in providing investigative and analytic support to the [customer agency’s] interagency mission and it is an invaluable tool as we collectively combat the overdose crisis and its impact on the fabric of this nation.”